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Organic Food: As healthy as you can get

Organic Food: As healthy as you can get

Healthy food grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, chemical preservatives or genetically engineered DNA is Organic. It is more labor intensive. Organic farming doesn?t use herbicides and other chemicals. So the yield is much smaller and to buy, more expensive. But organic foods are high in vitamins and minerals, tempting a good population to include these diets in their lifestyle. Benefits of Organic food ?No pesticide, fungicides residues on food ?No synthetic residuals built into plants ?No genetically engineered organisms ?Realistic flavors ?High in vitamin ?High in minerals ?Higher in anti oxidants The ?Organic-certified produce? is grown, harvested, stored and transported without the use of any synthetic chemicals or fumigants. They are processed according to uniform standards and USDA accredited organizations verify it. Organic farming vs. Conventional farming ?Traditional farmers use chemical fertilizers in the soil to grow crops. Organic farmers build soil with natural fertilizer ?In traditional farming, insecticides are used to kill the insects and diseases. Organic farmers use insect predators and barriers ?Traditional farmers control weed growth by applying synthetic herbicides but crop rotation, tillage, hand weeding and mulches control weeds in Organic fields Organic foods are not completely chemical free, but the pesticide residues will be much lower than those found in produce manufactured with synthetic chemicals.

Organic Food ? The Benefits of Natural and Organic Produce

Organic Food ? The Benefits of Natural and Organic Produce

Having spent most of my life living off of junk food, I was pretty shocked when I started learning about what goes into the produce we consume every day from the grocery store.

Most of the produce you would buy at the grocery store has been genetically modified to be more appealing to the customer. But, evidence suggests that genetically modified food can be harmful to your health. There are very few regulations on genetically modified food, and there aren?t any long term studies on how they affect human health. About 70% of the food you pick up at the grocery has been genetically modified.

Also, there are many types of insecticides used on produce, that are potentially harmful to your health. Farmers, nowadays, do not use the proper crop rotation when growing their produce. Crop rotation means: The successive planting of different crops on the same land to improve soil fertility and help control insects and diseases. The by-product of no crop rotation is that food in general is much less nutritious and raises a need for more insecticides to be used.

To avoid the health risks that can be associated with eating food that has been genetically modified, has been treated with pesticides and does not use proper crop rotation, eat organic food.

Organic food has been proven to contain sometimes 2-3 times the nutrients that conventional produce has. And with so little research available on this subject, who know how many other ways conventional produce is damaging to our health. How many other ways could organic food be better for us?

If you don?t believe it, try it. When I first began learning about organic food and the differences between it and conventional food, I went to a health food store and bought a bunch or organic produce. I couldn?t believe the difference in taste. The tomatoes I had bought in the grocery store had very little flavor and could only be used as an ingredient in a dish, definitely not something you would want to eat plain. But, the organic tomatoes I bought, I found myself just sitting down and eating plain. They actually had a garden fresh flavor to them. Usually when I would buy fruit, it would sit and rot on the table until I threw it away. It just never sounded good. Now, when I buy organic fruit, I can hardly keep myself from snacking on it all day. It just tastes so much better and healthier.

I have definitely noticed a difference in the way I feel after switching to eating mostly organic food. I have more energy. I crave healthier food. I feel more satisfied when I eat. I don?t crave junk food or sugary snacks anymore. I know other people too, who have noticed the same effects from switching to an organic diet.

To find more information about organic food visit: more about organic food.

?Carrie Reeder is the owner of Ezerk.com, an informational website with many different topics. To read more about conventional and organic food differences, visit this page: Organic Food Information.

Reasons to Eat Organic Food

Reasons to Eat Organic Food

Your health

Organically grown fruit and vegetables are not covered in a cocktail of chemicals ? even after washing, a conventionally grown apple may have 20 chemicals on its skin.

Conventionally grown fruit and vegetables contain more water and less vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants than organically grown produce.

Even processed organic food is better for you as manufacturers are banned from using many of the most harmful additives such as hydrogenated fat, MSG and artificial flavourings and colourings.


Organic food simply tastes so much better than ?normal? food. Carrots that actually taste of carrots, apples that go zing in your mouth and really chickeny chicken. Why not see for yourself at the Organic Food Fair ? see opposite for more details.

GM foods

You can be safe knowing that you won?t be eating genetically modified (GM) food. Intensively farmed animals are often fed on GM soya and much of the world?s production of cotton and rice are now GM. You can register your protest by buying organic produce.


While organic food may cost slightly more on the supermarket shelves, the true cost of conventional food is much higher. The BSE crisis cost nearly ?4 billion and we support the conventional farming industry through our taxes. The Soil Association say that it costs ?120 million a year to remove chemicals from drinking water, most of which are pesticides used in farming.

The countryside

Intensive farming methods can lead to soil erosion, the destruction of ancient hedgerows and the extinction or near-extinction of hundreds of our natural animals, birds and plants.

The Soil Association believes that organic farming is the best way to reverse the decline in wildlife by:

Crop rotation so the soil is kept fertile and avoid the use of chemical fertilisers

Mixed farming where different crops are planted together

Encouraging natural predators so there is no need to use pesticides

Animal welfare

The Soil Association insists on stringent animal welfare standards. Animals must have access to fields and are fed mainly on clover and herb rich grass, just as they would in the wild. They are given comfortable bedding and more space when they are housed and are often treated with herbal or homeopathic drugs when ill.

And it?s not just food

Recent years have seen a huge growth in the number of organic clothing and toiletries ranges available. Once hard to come by and very expensive, companies such as Green Baby and The Natural Nursery are making organic baby clothes, nappies and toiletries accessible to all.

Many of the same arguments apply: the cotton industry accounts for 25% of the world?s insecticide use and it takes around 150 grams of hazardous chemical pesticides to grow enough cotton to make one t-shirt!

?Arabella Greatorex is the owner of http://www.naturalnursery.co.uk, an online store selling organic and fairly traded products for families including organic clothing and bedding, fairly traded toys, natural toiletries, cloth and eco-disposable nappies and soft shoes.


Menggabungkan 3 keampuhan yang terunggul di dunia


Bapak dari teori organik, Dr. Henry Chang, menyatakan bahwa makanan organik berarti semua jenis produk yang berasal dari pertanian yang bebas dari pupuk buatan, bahan kimia atau bahan tambahan mulai dari awal pemrosessan, dimana semua bahan berasal dari alam.

Manfaat dari makanan organik termasuk:
• mempertahankan dan meningkatkan keseimbangan ekologi
• mengurangi resiko kesehatan, karena makanan organik bebas dari bahan-bahan kimia yang membahayakan
• bebas dari Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) dan bonive spongiforn encephalopathy (BSE) atau penyakit sapi gila
• terbukti mengandung gizi yang lebih banyak dibandingkan dengan makanan yang berasal dari pertanian biasa/tradisional
• mengurangi resiko infeksi pathogenic seperti E.coli dan mycotoxins

Melilea Greenfield organic
mengandung lebih dari 20 jenis kandungan bebas pencemaran lima bintang, termasuk sayur-sayuran, buah-buahan, dan biji-bijian yang diproses menggunakan teknologi terkini dan tercanggih. Sesuatu berharga dan tersembunyi yang mengandung gizi yang berasal dari tumbuh-tumbuhan, yang mengagumkan, telah dirumuskan untuk menjadi seimbang secara sempurna dengan tubuh kita


Kekuatan penyembuhan alami
• tubuh memiliki kemampuan untuk membentuk, mempertahankan serta memulihkan kesehatan
• peran dokter adalah untuk mempermudah dan mempercepat penyembuhan

Menetapkan dan merawat penyebab
• gejala-gejala merupakan tanda-tanda usaha tubuh untuk penyembuhan bukan penyebab penyakit
• fakta-fakta penyebab penyakit harus ditemukan dan dimusnakan sebelum seseorang dapat sembuh secara keseluruhan dari sakit.

Pertama, tidak membahayakan
• peroses penyembuhan termasuk timbulnya beberapa gejala
• cara-cara yang digunakan harus dapat memusnahkan gejala-gejala tersebut bukan menekannya

Merawat seseorang secara keseluruhan
• melibatkan hubungan yang saling mempengaruhi antara jasmani, spiritual, mental, emosional, keturunan, lingkungan, sosial serta penyebab-penyebab lainnya.

Dokter sebagai guru
• peran utama dari dokter adalah memberikan semangat dan dukungan kepada pasien agar bertanggungjawab terhadap kesehatan diri sendiri

Pencegahan merupakan obat terbaik
• tujuan utama dari sistim perawatan kesehatan adalah pencegahan
• mengutamakan pembentukkkan kesehatan bukan melawan penyakit
Naturopati beranggapan bahwa seseorang manjadi sakit disebabkan oleh penumpukkan racun-racun. Oleh karena itu, untuk menjaga kesehatan, kita harus membuka diri kita terhadap proses penyembuhan alami.


filsafat penyembuhan alami adalah, dengan lingkungan yang tepat, tubuh memiliki kemampuan untuk menyembuhkan diri sendiri. Tenaga penyembuhan tersebut akan membentuk kemampuan penyembuhan diri sendiri kepada setiap orang. Namun kemampuan penyembuhan diri sendiri tersebut akan dapat bekerja secara maksimum apabila tekanan telah dihilangkan serta jiwa dan raga telah seimbang.

Rumusan makanan khusus dapat memberikan keseimbangan atau memberikan tubuh anda dari bahan-bahan berbahaya yang melemahkan kemapuan untuk menyembuhkan diri sendiri, sekaligus memberikan gizi alami dalam bentuk paling mudah diserap. Bapak teori obat-obatan, Hippocrates mengatakan pada 2500 tahun yang lalu,
“Penyembuhan alami harus merupakan dasar bagi obat, seorang dokter hanya membantu proses penyembuhan alami”

Untuk memberikan kondisi terbaik bagi tubuh kita, kita memerlukan makanan bukan obat, karena Hippocrates mengatakan,
“Biarkan makanan menjadi obat”

Penyembuhan alami merupakan cara yang paling alami menuju kehidupan yang sehat dimasa depan, bebas dari obat, seperti yang dikatan oleh Thomas Edison,
“Dokter di masa depan tidak akan memberikan obat, namun akan lebih mementingkan pasiennya untuk melakukann perawatan diri sendiri, penyebab serta pencegahan penyakit”